The Bulgarian Lift Association (BLA) was established in 2009 and in 2012 we had already developed our detailed Project for increasing the energy efficiency of residential buildings in the Republic of Bulgaria. In 2013, we participated in the teams developing projects to increase the energy efficiency of multi-family residential buildings under the leadership of the Chief Architect of Sofia. In 2014, we joined the Habitat for Humanity Coalition with the main priority of achieving the highest energy class in Bulgaria’s residential buildings.

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Action means responsibility. Be responsible!

BLA’s ambitions for development in Bulgaria are directed towards the implementation of the highest standards for environmental protection and provision of the best living conditions.

BLA’s aspiration is to transform Bulgaria into a developed country applying the highest standards for environmental protection, providing the best living conditions for its citizens, driven by a highly competitive economy with zero or near-zero emissions. It is essential for us that all economic operators comply with all European directives and European and Bulgarian laws, including declaring their total income. We believe that compliance with laws and payment of all due taxes, insurances and fees will guarantee fair competition, which inevitably leads to high-tech development, high added value, employment, high budget revenues, enabling large-scale social and infrastructure policies. All actions directed towards achieving high energy efficiency are of essential importance for the preservation of the only planet we have, but they also provide us with a unique opportunity for technological renewal of our economy and environment.

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