The Bulgarian Lift Association (BLA) was established in 2009 and in 2012 we had already developed our detailed Project for increasing the energy efficiency of residential buildings in the Republic of Bulgaria. In 2013, we participated in the teams developing projects to increase the energy efficiency of multi-family residential buildings under the leadership of the Chief Architect of Sofia. In 2014, we joined the Habitat for Humanity Coalition with the main priority of achieving the highest energy class in Bulgaria’s residential buildings. Perhaps our visions of achieving high energy efficiency of buildings were too ambitious for our country 5-10 years ago, but now we believe that the time for a real high-tech renewal has come.

Over the years, we believed that the highest energy efficiency criteria would be introduced. All our offers are fully transposed from the best practices in the leading economies of the European Union (EU). BLA's aspiration is to transform Bulgaria into a developed country applying the highest standards for environmental protection, providing the best living conditions for its citizens, driven by a highly competitive economy with zero or near-zero emissions. It is essential for us that all economic operators comply with all European directives and European and Bulgarian laws, including declaring their total income. We believe that compliance with laws and payment of all due taxes, insurances and fees will guarantee fair competition, which inevitably leads to high-tech development, high added value, employment, high budget revenues, enabling large-scale social and infrastructure policies. All actions directed towards achieving high energy efficiency are of essential importance for the preservation of the only planet we have, but they also provide us with a unique opportunity for technological renewal of our economy and environment.

The challenges in the elevator sector are closely related to everything described above and we will be glad to benefit our country not only through the thousands of jobs we create and the tens of millions we currently bring into the country annually, but also by providing our support to all government initiatives aimed at technological modernization of our country.

Our direct contribution to the rise of energy efficiency in Bulgaria is through the implementation of elevators that not only consume approximately 90% less energy than those installed from the 1950s to the beginning of this century, but also return energy to the power distribution network through regenerative systems similar to those used in electric and hybrid cars.

Elevators have undergone unprecedented technological development over the past 15 years. The main driving force behind these changes were the requirements to reduce harmful emissions imposed by the EU and by global agreements for the global reduction of the greenhouse effect of human activity. During this period, our industry was revolutionized and the new elevators are environmentally friendly not only in their everyday usage but also in their maintenance and even production.